Venues Of Note


One the coolest places in Tel Aviv. From house and electronica to indietronica, this place always has great vibes. Its warm and cozy feeling allows you to dance, drink or eat one of their great sandwiches while one of Tel Aviv’s finest DJs rock the house. My record label Punch Music has just cracked the place in our third anniversary party there. It was one of those nights I know I’ll never forget.


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One of Tel Aviv’s best nights for the past 14 years is the amazing “Fetish Friday,” which moved from the late Fetish club to the Maxim club and is now reconstructed as the Bootleg. True underground feeling in the heart of Tel Aviv. This place has great vibes, great resident DJs, coolest crowd and interesting DJs from around the globe and the longest parties around. This is where you will find Tel Aviv’s night creatures.


Amazing sound system for one of Tel Aviv’s biggest clubs. It can be soulful house, Detroit techno, dub or disco depending on who is the promoter, but you can be sure it will be a big night out with nice looking ladies.

The Cat And The Dog

It seems like this place is always on the move and always has a party going on 24\7. The mid-week tech-house bar turns into a weekend mega club where you can find the hottest DJs in the house and tech scene


If you do have time to get out of Tel Aviv, you will probably check out Jerusalem, and if you visit the Western Wall you must stop for a beer in the Sira. Built in an old local stone-like cave, here you will find people from all over the world with different views on life listening to cross-genre music, never knowing how will the night end.

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