Bands Worth Watching

Adi Shabat

Photo via Facebook

One of the most popular DJs in the past two years in Tel Aviv. Since her days as a music journalist in the late ’90s, she has been a key figure in the Tel Aviv club scene. She has a versatile and unique mix of indie, tech and deep house.

DJ Ilya

Legendary DJ and club owner. For more than 15 years, this dude has been playing sexy, funky, intelligent yet underground house music.

Guy Mantzur

Owner at PlattenBank Records and resident DJ at the Cat And The Dog club, Guy is the frontman of the progressive house scene with numerous releases co-working with Dave Seaman, Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J and John Acquaviva. Guy is probably the busiest DJ in Tel Aviv.

Yariv Bernstein And Muzarco

This duo goes way back to their days as pioneers in the Jerusalem underground scene, which started back in the mid ’90s. Today they are both an essential part of the Punch Music collective. While Muzarco combines house, electronica and emotion with a twist, Yariv takes techno to its organic roots, pushing it forward to the future.

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