Venues Of Note


The Grad Club

The Grad Club is a sweet venue located on Queen’s campus. It’s basically a huge house with a bar in it. During the school year, the club hosts lots of big-name touring Canadian bands. I love the Grad Club because over the years I’ve gotten to see mega-bands play in a living room, bands like Death From Above 1979, the Constantines, the Besnard Lakes, Chad VanGaalen, Julie Doiron and many, many others. The Grad Club is also important in PS I Love You’s history. They used to book us to open for touring bands all the time a few years back. That’s also where the first PS I Love You EP was recorded, and it’s also where we made the video for “Get Over,” found above. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice members of all of the bands I mentioned in this video.

The Artel

The Artel is an arts residence/gallery/performance space. I’ve seen so much amazing shit here over the past five years! Everything from folk to metal, performance art, noise and, well, just about anything. PS I Love You used to play here a lot to back in the day, but usually the cops would shut us down.

The Mansion

The Mansion is where you go to see indie rock megastars like Kurt Vile or Andrew W.K., and Kingston’s newest bands. The bar is owned by musicians who’ve lived in Ktown their whole lives, and they seem fiercely committed to supporting local talent and having live bands play every single night. It’s also, like most things in Kingston, less than a five-minute walk from my house.