Venues Of Note


Herman’s Hideaway

Photo via Yelp

This is a venue I’ve always wanted to go into but never have, which really lends that much more mystique to the place. I guess I have some sort of Florence Nightingale Syndrome going on. It’s sort of the convalescent bar of Denver where I’ve never heard of anyone really playing there and walking away with a good experience, but yet would have so much promise if it found new management!

The Bluebird Theater

Photo via Discover The Trip

This is where we had the release show for our new album, and it was a beautiful evening. Despite being under a large corporate entity, the Bluebird seems to have done a good job of maintaining its reputation as a supporter of local acts, and being a harbor for great music in Denver.

The Meadowlark

Photo via Yelp

It’s quite small, and underground, and you’re likely to not get paid attention to, which makes it the perfect place to really cut your teeth in the Denver music scene! I have fond memories of this bar. It is a very special place.

Post-Show Hangs

As far as post-show hangouts, I usually try my best to not hang out any longer than I have to after playing a show. Depending on whatever cocktail of emotions is steering my judgement after a concert, I typically choose not to subject myself or others to my poor social discourses, and would rather find a cool place to lie down. I’m at my most anti-social in performance situations. I think I put too much pressure on myself sometimes.