Post-Show Hangs

I’ve never really done the “after-hours” bar thing, but these places are open till 2 and have a really cozy, comfortable atmosphere to down a few in.

Black Dice

A self-described “Japanese Rockabilly Bar,” they have an old-timey jukebox with 45s, lots of Japanese beer/snacks and very friendly bartenders!


Photo via Handlebar’s site

They have bronzed bicycles on the wall, and the couches are amazing (and I don’t even care that much about couches!).

Communist’s Daughter

REALLY cozy. This is why I like it.


Classic Kensington Market hangout. Mostly for the patio in the summer though.

Get Well

Owned by the folks who run the record store Sonic Boom. They have amazing beers and a whole wall full of classic arcades you can play for free!