Venues Of Note


The Drake

Photo via the Drake’s site

Great small-ish basement spot with amazing sound. Drinks are kinda pricey, but they get a lot of amazing shows.

Lee’s Palace

Photo via Lee’s Palace’s site

It’s dirty and grimy and I really wanna hate on it, but I’ve seen too many good shows here over the years. Plus you can see really well from anywhere.

Double Double Land

Tiny place in Kensington Market that you wouldn’t know existed if you weren’t given detailed directions on the FB event. Head down a small alley and open up the unmarked door. Some of my favourite DJ nights have been here. (Editor’s note: Austra‘s “Beat And The Pulse” video, above, was shot there.)

Holy Oak

Ridiculously chill place to see anything from folk to experimental noise. The staff is as chill as the surroundings. It’s also one of my favourite coffee joints in the daytime.

Dakota Tavern

Photo via Dakota Tavern’s site

Awesome spot for bluegrass/anything country-ish related, but always really good versions of the aforementioned genres.

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