Bands Worth Watching

Fresh Snow

Psych/noise/kraut group with one of my best pals Andy Lloyd on bass. Their live shows are insane. Sometimes they play inside of a pod with projections on all sides, sometimes they have a four-piece horn/string section. I actually have no idea what to expect, ever, so I love them.

Invisible City DJs

DJs deserve to be in this category just as much as anyone. Especially these guys, who are a duo that plays rare, obscure funk (and other music I can’t even categorize) from all over the world. I’ve never once recognized a track, and I’ve loved every single one I’ve ever heard. They recently even went to Trinidad and handpicked a pile of records from some vault there and made an incredible mix with it.

Lemon Bucket Orkestra

I know a lot of bands are trying their hands at the gypsy/klezmer thing these days, but these guys just do it better than almost anyone. They are probably one of the hardest-working bands I’ve ever seen, and their shows generally spill out into the streets and parade around town. They even organized a flash mob that in one night took over two intersections, a subway car and the main hall of Union Station. They also entertained people on board an Air Canada flight to Romania when the flight was delayed on the runway. But it’s less about antics and more that they just put on a killer performance.

Absolutely Free

Members of DD/MM/YYYY. I feel like I don’t need to say much more. If you are still confused, then please just listen!!

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