Bands Worth Watching

Mac DeMarco

The guy is just crazy and unpredictable. The music is great. A perfect blend between Syd Barrett and Pavement.


I don’t know the first album very well. Discovered them when I attended a show. They were playing new tunes from their upcoming album. Everybody totally dug it. Can’t wait to hear their second record. Good tunes, good guitar solos.

Now the French side…


Malajube is the best Francophone band we never had in Quebec (Yeah, it’s my point of view, but it really is). They have inspired many Quebec bands and songwriters over the years. They’ve recorded four amazing albums since 2006.

Jimmy Hunt

Hunt is one of my favorite folk singer-songwriters. He brought Quebecois/folk music where it had never been before. With his first album, he became the French artist that was played the most in my iTunes library in 2011. A second record is expected early 2013.

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