Venues Of Note

Chłodna 25

Photo by Henrik Moltke

The fact that Chłodna 25 had its own BBC session tells you something about the type of music that is regularly being cooked up in its dark, cozy basement. While some people call it snobby (Chłodna 25 acts as the club house for musicians of Warsaw’s top music label collective, LADO ABC), others respect it as a place that keeps supporting amazing music, stand-up comedy and cultural events. Anything that happens here is bound to be interesting.

Cafe Kulturalna

Photo via Facebook

Located in Warsaw’s colossal Palace Of Culture, the venue is a well known place to see great foreign bands as well as acclaimed Polish music. It’s run by key players in the Warsaw music scene, and the club’s cultural director (the drummer for the band Coldair and Stwory) puts emphasis on great sound and treating musicians very well. Highly recommended for music lovers and artists wanting to book a good venue in the city.


Photo via Hydrozagadka’s site

This medium-sized music venue is located in the rough side of the Wistula River called Praga. Owners of the club complain that concert-goers are not as inclined to make it to Praga and more often stay in the central district, but the trip over the river is worth it. Hydrozagadka features a lot of new Polish music, good beer and chilled-out bar staff as well as an awesome area for dancing and/or moshing.

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