Bands Worth Watching

Eric Shoves Them In His Pockets

A trio of jokesters in their early 20s fronted by an akwardly cute Pavement-like vocalist with Modest Mouse guitar tendencies. The heartfelt, geek post-rock ballads are backed by two cousins on the bass and drums with original drumming skills and simple basslines. While the band is just starting out, they released a handful of recordings online and have an EP on the way. Definitely the band to watch in the near future.


Clean, creative post-folk that’s run by Warsaw’s music scenster Tobiasz Bilinski, who started by singing and playing his acoustic guitar but recently added an electric guitar, sweet trumpets and an amazing drummer to the mix.

Magnificent Muttley

What does it sound like when you place an incredibly talented bassist and guitarist with an even more talented post-pubescent child-prodigy drummer? Emotionally charged, classic man-boy rock filled with sweat, tears and occasionally some blood due to the vocalist’s excessive body thrashing. Performing relatively often in Warsaw, make sure to keep your ears tuned to the brooding melodic compositions served by the bassist-turned-vocalist Krzysiek Pożarowski.

Pictorial Candi

Side project of the artistically charged vocalist of another Warsaw-based band Paris Tetris. This time around, Candi whips out ballad after cozy ballad in a ruthless I’ll-sing-you-a-sweet-song-and-rip-it-into-shreds kind of a way. Check out her incredible live charisma and wacky music video to “Check My Computer.”


Fronted by the charming vocalist Filip Pokłosiewicz, who set aside his acoustic, folky ukulele project to form a fully charged rock band. Here he charms away a handful of well recorded alternative rock tracks with his brooding voice on their debut album. Electric guitars on reverb, trumpets and a clean production should soothe any alt-rock fan.

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