Venues Of Note


The 40 Watt

Photo via 40 Watt Facebook Page

It’s THE venue of Athens heritage. Yes, there is the Georgia Theatre, but the 40 Watt has been there and still hosts a boat-load of shows. The vibe is quintessentially Athens: the velvet head shot of Prince on the wall, the band graffitti adorned green rooms, and the bar staff who can talk and chill just as well as they can slam out tons of drinks at a sold out show.

Caledonia Lounge

Photo via Caledonia Lounge’s Yelp page

It’s run by a musician and has only gotten better and better as a place to play. They recently went The Bottletree route and got an Airstream trailer for bands to use as a green room. The club is actually the original 40 Watt and is just behind the current 40 Watt. The narrow room can get cramped at a sold out show, but that’s what makes it a great rock and roll hang.


Flicker is really small—very, very small. If you bring 20 people to your show, it’s a nice crowd. Well, that’s 20 people in the music room. There is a bar on the other side, which has plenty of super cheap Schlitz. Recently, the venue significantly upgraded their sound equipment and sound dampening. With easily the smallest stage in Athens, it’s a fun/challenging room to play as a drummer. Also because of it’s size, it’s a great starting venue for out of town acts. Sometimes, they show movies or have comedy shows, which I heavily approve of.

Post-Show Hangs


Choo Choo

Photo via Choo Choo’s Yelp Page

Aside from Waffle House and The Grill (which is always slammed late night and can be disgusting), Choo Choo is open until 4 AM on Friday and Saturday. It’s Korean-Japanese hibachi, inexpensive, and open late. Like any late night establishment in Athens, there’s a high chance of drunk frat guys or sorority girls. Unfortunately, Choo Choo isn’t that close to downtown, but that’s the price you pay for $5-ish tofu with rice and veggies at 3 AM. They offer an array of Korean/Japanese meat selections, but also have some veggie options. Beer and sake are available during serving hours.

The World Famous

Photo via The World Famous’s Facebook Page

The World Famous is a new joint in town and my main adoration for this establishment is because they serve food until almost 2 AM. The menu isn’t extensive and isn’t the cheapest, but it’s solid food. Who doesn’t want to get The Late Night Lemuel: Gin and Tonic with Chicken and Waffle Club. Aside from that made up order, they offer fries and an array of different sandwiches from falafel to pork bun sammies. As it is primarily a bar, they have tons of booze.

Little Italy Pizza

Photo Via Little Italy Pizza’s Facebook page

Late night pizza is as close to ambrosia as I think I’ll get and this is basically the only place to get it. Open till 3 AM on Friday and Saturday, pizza and amazing sandwiches are pretty affordable. No, it isn’t the best pizza, but it has gotten better in the past year. If you’re seriously hungry, the sandwiches are huge and delicious; they are definitely something that is often overlooked. And yes, they are probably going to be blasting metal in there. Also, during serving hours, they have RIDICULOUSLY cheap Miller High Life, if that’s your thing.