Post-Show Hangs


Sweeney’s Bar

This place is Woodstock and New Orleans combined. Beautiful mayhem. This three-story building holds more love than any other in the city. Each floor has eclectic bands every night, and the outer walls seem to twist and turn to the exotic and vibrant sounds of real music. Not to mention the clientele! A late bar with the ethics of Amsterdam? The perfect recipe for fun.

The Workman’s Club

House music, indie, electro, rock: This is the soundtrack to the Workman’s Club. The venue downstairs has held some of the biggest names in the Irish and international music scene. The club upstairs feels like a huge house party with strange décor and retro ’70s furniture—like doing drugs in your grandparents’ house! Every night of the week finds this place full to the brim with attractive men and women trying effortlessly to have a good time—and they do.

The Porterhouse

The microbrewery to end all microbreweries. This place has more awards than Michael Phelps and for good reason. I genuinely challenge anyone to find a better pint of stout than the iconic ‘Plain’ stout from the Porterhouse. An excellent kitchen mixed with perfect drinks is what makes this place so good and why it’s the perfect spot for a social fuel-up before an infamous Dublin city night out.