Venues Of Note

Grand Social

Photo by Aidan Kelly Murphy

Every time I step into this venue I am a million miles away from Dublin city. It has character and atmosphere and a homeliness about it. But there is something strange about this place; for some reason everyone is smiling! What could it possibly be? It couldn’t be that it has the best sound in Dublin could it? It couldn’t be the cheap drink and great acts could it? Maybe it’s because when you step into the Grand Social you no longer feel like you’re in a venue but a gigantic tent in the middle of a forest surrounded by smiles and sound. An all-year-round festival!

The Olympia Theatre

The Olympia Theatre

The Olympia Theatre is my favourite venue for larger groups. The walls are lined with a humble history that whispers of true Dublin culture. There is something about playing in theatres that gives the performances a mysterious enchantment. A genuine performance. A true meeting of artistic minds in a place that wants to help you, wants to let you speak your view. It bridges the gap between all mediums of art simply by being so gorgeous. I have had some of the most profound musical experiences of my life in the Olympia.


Whelan’s is where the wild ones roam. A true Irish institute. We have watched stars rise on that stage and turn into international ambassadors for Ireland. Glen Hansard, Damien Rice—all cut teeth, broke strings and screamed on that stage. Hope is served like daily bread every night.

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