Bands Worth Watching

Arrow In The Sky

Conor McCauley and Brian Murphy have it. Their music is poetic and honest in the purest way possible. They are two men who sing songs. They are two musicians who play instruments. Their tunes seem to move in sympathy with the simpler pace of life. They have a talent for capturing their surroundings through songs, reflecting nature and necessity. Like men working the land, they sweat and strain and pour every bit of themselves into the music. Music that makes you smile and cry simultaneously.

Funeral Suits

These guys make me jealous. I want them to stop being so good, stop being so constantly forthcoming in their perfection. They are hip in an authentic way. There is nothing forced or pretentious about their music. It’s just good, honest, homegrown music. Reminiscent of nothing but undeniably familiar.


Fred has soundtracked at least two summers of my life. Their music does that. It’s impossibly positive, impossibly brilliant. They hail from County Cork, and hail they do. They have been around for what seems like forever, and I’m glad. I hope they never go away.

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