Bands Worth Watching



An amalgam of Toronto indie “all-stars” from Hooded Fang, Moon King and Hellaluya who blast out garage/punk party tunes. We witnessed them turn a blues dad’s graveyard into the best party London has ever seen.


We had a ritual with their EP on our Canadian tour: listening to it front-to-back every night to get us through the long drives. A perfect tape, a dream-punk twilight.


HUSSY – Yeahhhh (Demo)
We really don’t think there’s another drone sludge act quite like this in TO. When Jude (who also runs the Garage) takes off his shoes, he smells like a corpse, aka you’ve been hussied—a fitting fragrance for their sound.


In their full-on, abstract weirdo-mode, they are both frightening and endearing. Depending on whom you talk with, it takes them either five minutes or a year to write an album. Keeps you on your toes.

Moon King

Re-imagining pop-punk, electronic beats backing totally singable hooks and harmonies. Daniel puts on a lot of Toronto’s more off-the-wall parties, in some of our favorite DIY spots around town.

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