Bands Worth Watching


This band is f*#king incredible! Before this project, the singer Nic Snyder and his drummer Josh Sickels were in a band called The Takeover UK who had some great success. But they are back with 1,2,3, and their sounds couldn’t be any better. Their second LP, Big Weather, is coming out soon. We totally recommended them. One of the best indie groups to come out of the Burgh!

Fun fact: We jammed Louie, Louie with Nic’s dad (Gil Synder from the Iron City Houserockers) one time at this biker bar at like 2 in the morning.

The Shaky Shrines

Saw these guys at a packed house at The Shop in Pittsburgh’s Bloomfield neighborhood. Their sound is garage, psychy and straight up badass. They have a Black Angels or Night Beats kind of vibe. Good friends of the Nox Boys.

The Cynics

These old folks have been around since the ’80s and are still rocking hard. Fuzzy, garage rock and dirty vocals, The Cynics are definitely one of our favorite garage punk rockers, and Michael Kastelic is a true frontman. They are doing a couple dates with the Sonics and we’re really excited. They’ve helped us a lot with everything! Great fellas.


Sweet Pittsburgh soul group, the Neighbours, kinda sound like the Zombies or Beach Boys. They’re playing SXSW this year.

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