Post-Show Hangs


The Bad Waitress

Photo via the Bad Waitress's website

Perhaps I’m starving, it’s late, but I really want eggs Benedict but also a beer. Then I would go to the Bad Waitress. It’s my standby for food and coffee, and they also have a nice beer and wine selection for a diner. They’re only open until midnight, so if it’s after a late show, this wouldn’t work. But ever since I had their blackberry and granola pancakes, I was sold.

The Saloon

Photo via the Saloon's website

If I still have energy and want to fulfill my dance craving, I would go to the Saloon. I know it’s not very hip to like Top 40 music—or is it? Either way, they play a good selection of songs to get down to. And I like to get down from time to time. First Avenue has a cool dance night as well if you’re not as into Top 40, and if it’s your birthday you get a free bottle of champagne.

Psycho Suzi’s


Photo via Psycho Suzi's website

If I’m feeling in a tropical mood, and since it’s quite cold here in the winter, a good place to warm up is Psycho Suzi’s. It’s a tiki bar where you can get fruity drinks with tacky decorations all over them. They also have shared drinks. One is called the “Fire Bowl,” and I’ll just let you guess what that’s all about. Everyone is really hip-looking there, so if I was feeling like I needed to feel more hip and I also wanted a good pizza, I would go there.