Venues Of Note


Blind Bob’s

Photo via Blind Bob’s Facebook page

Remember, Dayton is small. The one full on rock venue that most bands play is Blind Bob’s. Most of the employees and patrons are members of local bands. Great shows have been played here in the handful of years they have been open. They have tasty bar food and cheap drinks. Karaoke, open mic nights, and the annual Grime Prime are all sure fire ways to run in to some kind of party.

Canal Street Tavern

Then there is the historic Canal Street Tavern. It’s more of a Indie/Country/Americana venue. I’ve seen the Avett Brothers, Heartless Bastards, and Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band all play stellar shows here.

South Park Tavern

Photo via South Park Tavern Facebook page

Amazing craft beer selection/amazing food. I think the best show I’ve seen there was Bob Log the III play wearing his telemicrophone Evil Kenevil gear. Absolutely one of my favorite shows ever.

Post-Show Hangs


5th Street Wine And Deli

Hands down, best sandwiches in town. Craft beer and wine selections to get fancy drunk. (I also work there.)

Press Coffee Bar

One of my best friends opened this place with his wonderful wife. Their passion for coffee the right way has since elevated this city’s coffee game to a whole new level.


Best margarita I’ve ever had. We’ve been around the block touring etc.. but nothing keeps the Dayton witch at bay like a Bad Juan.

Century Bar

Best Bar in Dayton! Period. It has, in recent years switched to being a a more Bourbon-centric bar, but Diane, Joe, and Tim have consistently kept this place an institution in this city. I love them and I love this bar.