Bands Worth Watching


Neon Warship

I can only speak for myself on this one, but here are a few of the bands I listen to on the reg. Neon Warship are ’70s Sabbath/Clutch rock that makes whiskey taste better and brings back the well needed gentlemen’s guitar solo. Ted Nugent would probably play this at a barbecue. It also so happens to be our guitar player Kevin Schindel’s other band.

By Way Of Sunstorm

Sounds like a planet made from the daydream of a spartan’s shield smashing the heavens into a new universe. In other words, it’s metal held in the teeth of a hydra and spit back into your face. It’s made up of Dayton veterans who played in a bunch of other awesome dayton bands from Kenoma to Rune.


What began humbly as Nick Testa making hilarious hip-hop dance songs on Garage Band and wearing cactuses and baby diapers onstage has morphed in to a full-band onstage no-shirt party that they have invited every one in the audience to rage at.

Grand Mammoth

They’re a young band just killin’ it right out of the gate. If you love Pentegram/Sabbath/Can/or any ’70s rock, then know they do it with respect and style.
I’m sorry if I couldn’t mention all the other awesome bands in Dayon like Luke Tandy being the best noise performer I’ve ever heard or John Gassett having a voice that stains pillows with tears. I am sorry. Just know Dayton does it rowdy and right.

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