Monomyth - Photo by Carolyn Hirtle

Monomyth – Photo by Carolyn Hirtle

In Scene Report, musicians from all over the globe fill us in on what’s going on sonically in their hometowns. This week, Monomyth gives us the scoop on Halifax, Nova Scotia. Their upcoming LP, Saturnalia Regalia!, is out on July 22 via Mint Records.

Halifax has had some interesting stuff. My vibe is mostly guitar-pop tinted so bands like The Great Scots and The Central Nervous System come first on my list of sweet Halifax music. Then in the ’70s we had April Wine who are total hard-rock/pop chameleons. I own a cool funk record by The Sidewinders called Flatfoot Hustlin’ that I dig. In the ’80s, punk started to take off and a famous compilation called Out Of The Fog came out. Around the same time, most of the bands that Halifax was known for in the ’90s were busy cutting their teeth in bands like Happy Co., Kearney Lake Road and Blackpool.

In the ’90s, Sloan, Thursh Hermit, Super Friendz, Jale, The Inbreds (though they are originally from Ontario), Plumtree and so on defined the sort of pop sound that Halifax will probably forever be associated with. After that boom died down, North of America sort of strong-armed the scene and time signatures started getting strange. Halifax definitely rode that wave for awhile, you can hear aspects of it in bands like Special Noise, The Burdocks, York Redoubt/Long Long Long who were the bands of my youth. Right now there is a definite psych-pop revival going on.

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