Venues Of Note


Great Scott – Allston, MA

Photo via Great Scott’s Facebook

The best venue in the city. Great vibe in the room, great sound. Really fun shows all the time. All the people that run the place and work there are all super cool. Music booker Carl Lavin is the best. He brings in lots of great touring bands, gives new local bands a shot and always supports the underdogs if he believes in them.

Brighton Music Hall – Allston, MA

Photo via Brighton Music Hall

Slightly larger than Great Scott but maintains an intimate vibe. This venue also has great sound and consistently good shows. They bring in some bigger touring acts, but again, Mike Bishop, the booker there, is a big supporter of the local music scene and will give local bands he believes in their own nights at the venue or opening spots for larger bands so that they can be exposed to their audience. Very cool place.

The Paradise – Boston, MA

Photo via the Paradise

The largest of the three venues listed here, the Paradise is a beautiful venue and I think the max size venue before you start to lose that intimacy of a rock club show. Another great booker runs this place, Ryan Vangel. He brings in lots of great bands and also supports the local bands he believes in and will give them opportunities.

Post-Show Hangs


The Silhouette – Allston, MA

The best bar in the city. Super-sweet bartenders, cheap drinks, great jukebox, a dart room and free, delicious popcorn. You cannot go wrong with this place! Open until 1 a.m., but their Long Island Iced Teas keep you going much later.