Bands Worth Watching

Earthquake Party!

Jesus And Mary Chain meets the Vaselines. Three-piece with guy/girl vocals, guitar, synth and drums. Their songs get straight to the point, a real “don’t bore us, get to the chorus” attitude. Each one feels like a shot of life. Their live show is loud and wild and full of energy, the way you fantasize a rock ‘n’ roll show being. They make that fantasy a reality every time I see them play.

Speedy Ortiz

Female-fronted, grungy indie-rock band. Singer Sarah Dupuis’s vocals have a shitload of attitude. She writes great lyrics, vocal melodies and songs. The band rocks like Pavement or the Afghan Whigs.


Pop-rock band based around the songs of singer Paul Sentz, who is one of the most talented songwriters I’ve ever met. Nobody knows how to construct a pop song better. Their song “Money” sounds like the Beatles meets Oasis meets Gin Blossoms. Just classic pop-rock with a huge heart.

Bent Shapes

Really great garage-pop power trio. Power trios are a special thing, especially when everyone is really good at their instrument, which is absolutely the case with this band. Really catchy songs with great energy. If Buddy Holly was around for punk rock he’d probably sound like Bent Shapes. Guitarist Ben Potrykus and drummer Andrew Sadoway trade off lead vocals, and their songs compliment each other really well. Bassist Supriya Gunda adds some great female backup vocals as well. Very fun live band as well with a great off-the-cuff feel.

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