Bands Worth Watching

Roel Meelkop

His solo work as well as his work with legendary groups THU20, Wieman, Kapotte Muziek and Goem is truly inspiring. Most of the time his abstract electronica is quite minimal, but never boring and always thought-provoking. Roel is a fantastic listener, which is the best skill a musician can have.

Michel Banabila

Like Roel, Michel is a bit longer “in the business” than I am, with an amazingly diverse output. Especially his recent, more abstract work like More Research From the Same Dept. is worth checking out, just as his stunning collaborations with video artist Geert Mul.

Nina Hitz

I admire classically trained musicians that aren’t afraid to cross boundaries and play baroque music. John Cage works as well as experimental improvised doom jazz. Besides numerous other projects, Hitz plays cello in the awesome Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation.

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