Venues Of Note


Mississippi Studios

Photo via Mississippi Studios Facebook

Mississippi Studios has great sound! All the people running the venue are extremely pleasant and organized. The venue is attached to a restaurant where you can order simple bar food. There is a balcony for sitting and a dance floor for dancing making it a comfortable place for everyone!

Doug Fir Lounge

Photo via Doug Fir Facebook

Doug Fir has great ambiance and a great sound system. It really feels like you’re in the Northwest when you walk into this subterranean venue. The lighting is colorful and dim, and the walls are built of tree logs. The venue is attached to a great diner and to the Jupiter Hotel. There is outdoor seating and fireplaces in several spots to keep your heart and your hands warm.


Photo via Backspace Facebook page

Backspace is a great all-ages venue in downtown Portland. The venue is large and full of video games, pool tables, computers, and so many delicious and healthy food and drink options. This is my favorite all-ages venue in the city.

Post-Show Hangs


The food carts at 12th and SE Hawthorne

Photo via Potato Champion Facebook

There are all kinds of options at this spot, including crepes, burritos, and my favorite, the fries at Potato Champion! They are open late, until 3 a.m., and there are always interesting events happening, like spontaneous concerts, flash mobs, and more.

The Bye And Bye

Photo via The Bye And Bye Facebook page

The Bye And Bye is another great place to go after a show. They are open until 2 a.m. and are located right in our neighborhood at 10th and NE Alberta. They have lots of seating, indoors and out. They have a great late-night vegan menu too.

Sizzle Pie

Photo via Sizzle Pie Facebook page

Sizzle Pie makes the best pizza in town! They are open till 3 a.m. on weeknights and 4 a.m. on weekends. My favorite slice is the vegan Angel Of Doom.