Venues Of Note


Debaser Slussen

Undoubtly the most New York-ish venue in Stockholm. It´s dirty, smelly and of course (all good things must come to an end, huh?) soon to be demolished by a huge city planning project in the heart of Stockholm. Make sure you sign up for the “Save Debaser Slussen” name list on their website!

Pet Sounds

A record store on one side of the street and a bar on the other. Small, cosy and always up to date with the newest and coolest bands around!

Trädgården (via)


Its huge, its outside…but it´s also inside…because it´s under a bridge! That’s a winning concept in the Swedish summer, cause sometimes it rains. Believe it or not! And they have daytime sessions with some great acts.

Post-Show Hangs

Obviously places where you could take a swim!


A swimming pool area right next to Trädgården which also hosts a great summer festival called Popaganda. Sneak in, put your swim gear on (which you always carry), and enjoy the late night swim!

The Långholmen Pontoon

If lists it, then so do we. Get nude, dive in!


Gotta love those guys at restaurant Peppar. They totally make an effort in decorating their otherwise decent bar. You can’t take a swim there, but everything (even the beer) is served with pepper so you’ll be drinking water instead!