Bands Worth Watching


Hyper Heart

The name says it all. Hyper Heart is the perfect blend of heartaching vocals and a powertrain of synthesizers. They hail from the ashes of solo project Robert Svensson and Mixtapes And Cellmates. Great stuff!

Niki And The Dove


They signed on to Sub Pop in Seattle, so I don´t know if it’s a well kept Stockholm secret anymore. However if you haven’t listened yet, be prepared to be paralyzed by singer Malin Dahlström’s voice!

Adam Tensta

Tensta is a suburb of Stockholm, with the usual problems that suburbs come with. Unemployment, segregation, etc. We´ve heard it before, and Adam Tensta raps about it over driven drumbeats and slick melodies. You’d think he’s a tough guy, but behind those almost punkish beats there seems to be a really nice guy. Get to know him at Twitter!

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