Post-Show Hangs



Photo via Yelp

Abe’s is open 24 hours and beats most of the local diners based on its good food and nice waitstaff. I recommend the veggie hash with bacon or the hotdogs. You can always count on plenty of drug dealers and homeless people. But Bill Clinton ate there, so it kinda kicks ass.


Photo via Yelp

This place has mystery beer called “Powell’s Pilsner” for $4.50 a pitcher. Mind you, Powell’s is not a brewery. It is, however, my favorite bar in town, and their root beer float shots are unparalleled. Dude shit his pants at the bar the other day. Truly, it is a paradise.

Smarty Catz

This is where you can truly after-PARTY. They have great DJs, cheap shots, drugs and a stripper pole. Yet it never seems to be full of douche bags. Just average people looking to be really shitty people.


Photo via Beezy's Facebook

The next morning, the most delicious breakfast in Ypsilanti is at Beezy’s. They feature Michigan products and specials like Whiskey Caramel Apple French Toast. Everything is great here, including the prices. Next time you’re in, be sure to ask that old Milkpockets McMcIntosh (not a typo) washes your dishes.