Venues Of Note



This is by far the best place to play in Ypsi. It’s a beautiful old building, the sound is good, and they always treat the bands so nicely. If you’re lucky, the owner will dance naked on the bar.

Arbor Vitae

There aren’t a lot of real venues to play at in Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor, but this loft is a good option. It’s BYOB and has a house party feel, but you can still count on decent sound and making a few bucks. [Video: Long Whisker @ Arbor Vitae]

College House Parties

So college.

This is where we got our start. College students don’t usually go to venues, but they love to party. There’s no better audience than young, drunk college kids.

The Blind Pig

Pretty much everyone I know has been kicked out of this place. No one likes to play there, and no one likes to go there, but everyone goes there and everyone plays there. They’re mean to performers and usually rip you off, but if you need a bigger venue with decent sound, this is the place to play.

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