Bands Worth Watching

Chrome Sparks

I often shy away from super electronic music, but Jeremy Malvin’s songs are beautifully written, and the band actually plays everything live. They impress me more and more every time I see them.

Still Sleeping (Feat. Steffaloo) by chrome sparks


This band is awesome. Lead singer Deleano Acevedo has always been a fantastic songwriter; here, he pounds out power-pop goodness that rivals the best Jay Reatard mourners. It’s basically everything I could ask for.

K.I.D.S. – Whiskey Girls – Dally In The Alley 2011 by jameslinck


Prussia is probably my favorite local band. They’re incredibly inventive, and their shows are some of the best to come out of a band who could still be referred to as “local.” We can easily see them live at home, but we also decided to become their personal fan club at CMJ and followed them around for the better part of a week. Super cool dudes!

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