Bands Worth Watching


Jacob Augustine

Jacob Augustine is one of those rare artists who has the ability to choke me up within minutes of opening his mouth to sing. His voice is both powerful and gentle, booming and soft. His vibrato is the only kind I’ve heard that makes my stomach do flips. I don’t know that I can eloquently describe how stunning of a songwriter this man is. Just give him a listen and you’ll understand what I can’t express in words. He’s one of those musicians you can’t seem to talk about without using phrases like “slays me” or “kills me.”
Waco by Jacob Augustine

The Milkman’s Union

The Milkman’s Union is Henry Jamison and Peter McLaughlin (and friends), my favorite band out of Maine and one that I’ve had the pleasure of live accompaniment for some Lady Lamb shows in New England.
I’m all about the combination of unique vocals paired with great lyrics, of which the Milkman’s Union has a firm grasp. Henry’s songwriting fits hand in hand with tasteful percussion forming some of the songs that are in constant rotation through my headphones. Just as impressive as the Milkman’s Union full-length, Roads In, is Henry’s solo release on Bandcamp, Telos EP, with intimate acoustic performances I can’t stop listening to.

Big Blood

Big Blood is the collaboration between Caleb Mulkerin and Colleen Kinsella, two members of the freaky Maine band Cerberus Shoal that formed in the mid-’90s (a band I saw open for Wilco at the State Theatre in Portland, ME, which was my first concert ever).
For years I’ve been drawn to this elusive band for its distinct voices that sound like perfection to me. The group is incredibly prolific, recording all of its records at home, playing out rarely (but always offering mind-blowing performances when it does), making each release by hand and writing some of the strangest but most epic songs I’ve heard come out of Maine. I absolutely recommend looking into this project, as well as the releases from Cerberus Shoal (which comprises a handful of wonderful musicians from Maine I also love like Chriss Sutherland, Micah Blue Smaldone and dilly dilly).
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