Warsaw Sounds Like…


Jacek Sienkiewicz

Biggest Polish techno producer.

Fisz Emade

Talented brothers, producer and MC, working together over many projects, from hip-hop, abstract electronics to raw guitar music. Some describe them as the Polish Beastie Boys.


Warsaw-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Envee (U Know Me Records) is always dropping soulful broken beat bombs.

Tom Encore

Warsaw heavyweight bass producer No. 1. From drum and bass, dubstep to glitch hop.


Masala is a band that connects sounds from Asia with electronics and rap. Politically engaged, and always playing great shows.

Break Da Funk

This crew brings the joy of funk jam sessions, B-boy music and break beat to the city.

Green Jesus

Crazy enthusiast of old, swinging, funky sound, sampling funny fairytales, old-school beats and using analog synths to make more noise. Already released 13 LPs, independent.

Also check out two of the most influential labels releasing interesting artists around. For good jazz, indie, funk and rock sounds, check out the Lado ABC Records artists. For new electronic, beat music, try the U Know Me Records crew.

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