Venues Of Note



Flickr photo by Dimitry B.

The Esplanade has great history behind it. It’s host to both major-label acts, independents and local musicians. It’s the hub for music and the arts. Facing the now iconic Marina Bay Sands, this venue is just a dream to perform at. With numerous festivals like Mosaic, Baybeats and Yfest calling the Esplanade their home, it’s almost an institution for any musician to pass through. I’ve had the great honor of playing there many times, and every time it felt better than the last.

Blu Jaz

Photo via Blu Jaz’s site

This spot tucked away in Bali Lane is underground heaven. Other than good food, this venue is known for supporting local nights and niche events. Check out their New Year’s Events if you’re in town! They’re always banging!


Photo via ZOUK’s Facebook

This multi-club venue is important to every Singaporean’s life. The minute you’ve become of legal age to drink, I can guarantee that you’ll be running to find your first ZOUK experience. Many clubs have come and gone, with big gimmicks and short-term bragging rights. While everyone else is doing that, ZOUK just remained the cool kid of the class and still scored constant As. Still here and getting only better.

Post-Show Hang



Photo via Spize’s site

Spize is a restaurant by the corner of River Valley. It serves a mix of Muslim and Western cuisine. Offering free parking nearby, Spize has got all the variables right to get my vote for best post-show hangout. Did I mention they’re open till mad late? Perfect for that supper meal after your last set, a long night. I recommend maggi goreng with mata lembu. That serves you spicy fried noodles with a fried sunny-side-up egg. Wash that down with a cold iced Milo. You’re welcome!