Bands Worth Watching

The Sam Willows

This young four-piece indie-folk band has taken Singapore by storm with its good music and good looks. In a whirlwind ride that possibly spans less than a year, these friends of mine have found themselves on a North American tour. Playing from L.A. through to Austin for SXSW and Toronto for CMW. Made up of Ben, Sandra, Narelle and Jon, the Sam Willows have made their mark on local music and are a good bet for success.


My bass-head brothers are not just icons of the bass scene in Singapore but are closely connected to Brainfeeder in L.A. Led by Kiat, a pioneer in the local scene, Syndicate is a collective of producers, singers, VJs and DJs. One of which, Trytoplay, I’ve had the pleasure of working with recently on my album Everything You Love, You Hate. Most recently, Octover, a duo from the collective, was featured on Pitchfork for its track “Satisfy.”

Sezairi Sezali

The most recent winner of the Singapore Idol trophy, Sezairi has broken away from the pop-glitter stereotype that comes along with winning the franchise. He easily has the smoothest vocals in Singapore. I can attest to his genius, as we worked together recently on a track titled “Danger.” I never imagined “Danger” to be the track it is now, a strong, reflective song with an electronic atmosphere to set the tone. I certainly can’t imagine it to be without Sezairi. He made that track golden.

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