In Scene Report, musicians from all over the globe fill us in on what’s going on sonically in their hometowns. This week, Kevin Lester, aka the Lion City Boy, gives the scoop on Singapore. Lester’s debut EP, Everything You Love, You Hate, is out now via Vertusent/Sony RED.

They say I’m the son of Singapore, and every day I carry that spirit, along with many other local musicians hustling to make their mark on an international stage. There’s a growing number of indie acts, folk and rock that find their way out of the Singapore market. Praise social media or just put it down to great music. My lion city is one to watch out for. We’ve seen tons of international acts find their way to our shores as well. The Laneway Festival especially has found its new home in a predictably sold-out venue.

In the last year or two, the government has even taken steps to improve support by providing various grants to promote up-and-coming artists. This is our time, I think. Though there are struggles and setbacks like the continuing fight for more local music airplay on radio, new organizations like SGMUSO have come in to support the musicians and provide a stronger voice. Usually dominated by mainstream pop, there seems to be a shift. The new kids have come to the foreground.

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