Bands Worth Watching

Danny Pound

I first saw Danny play in a band called Vitreous Humor in 1996. They were big influences on The Anniversary and Get Up Kids. After VH broke up, Danny formed the Regrets who put out an LP on Crank Records. The Regrets still play shows here and there and they are always great! Danny is one of my favorite singer songwriters ever! He is currently working on a new solo album that should be out next year.

Heidi Gluck

Heidi Gluck is one of the most talented musicians I know. She has played in such projects as Julianna Hatfield’s Some Girls, Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s, Lily And Madeline and my previous band, the Only Children. She’s also on my new album. She is currently working on her first solo album of bittersweet, folky rock songs that should be out by late spring. Heidi and I are divorced and I still think her music is tops!


Sean Hunt, aka Approach, does everything he can to keep the Lawrence hip-hop scene thriving. If you get a chance to talk music with him, he will most likely start talking about Harry Nillson or tell you something you didn’t know about how a Beatles song was recorded. He has one of the most energetic live shows and is one of the most positive musicians in the Lawrence music scene. He runs Datura Records and is currently working on the new Approach record which I’m totally excited for.

Dead Girls

Dead Girls are a great pop rock n’ roll band and all are very amazing musicians. Sometimes you show up to a Dead Girls show and see Kliph from the Flaming Lips on drums. But most of the time their permanent drummer, “Mean” Eric Melin, is keeping the beat, if he isn’t out on the road becoming the World Champion of Air Guitar. Either way it’s going to be a night of rock n’ roll music! “The Beat Inside” is my favorite song of their recent album, Fade In, Fade Out. Please go and check their album out!

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