Bands Worth Watching


Coyote Clean Up

Our No. 1 homie. Just got signed to 100% Silk. Deep house from my hometown, Rochester Hills! Represent!

Lord Scrummage

Bizarro clown pop, with soulful vox. They’ve been around for a long time, and we’ve been huge fans from the jump.


Used to be in Lord Scrummage. His voice sounds a little like Beck (in a good way), but he makes really upbeat house music. He also writes these incredible folk/country ballads. I kind of used to live with him. He helps me when I’m depressed.



Probably my second favorite rapper in the city. His shit would blow up if he quit being a fucking janitor and started telling people about his music.



Won’t return my tweets, but a fuckin’ dope rapper. Part of Bruiser Brigade.


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