Venues Of Note


Al’s Bar

Al’s Bar and the Sidecar are next door to each other. Pretty intimate, pretty DIY (you run your own sound, the PA is OK…), owned by the same people. The programming is curated by people like myself, just random promoters and musicians in town. It’s so homey, the staff is sweet, the food is amazing. It’s all wood inside, random ass posters and decorations, a John Wayne painting, a giant Chinese fan, pool table, etc. I’ve had bands like Ariel Pink, Beach House, Vivian Girls, Dent May, Soft Moon and many more come through. Everyone loves it.

Al’s Sidecar

Next door to Al’s, the smaller, even MORE DIY venue of the two. Lots of good DJ nights and weird-ass noise bands. It’s like a house party at a bar. A barty.

Post-Show Hangs



Tolly-Ho is the ultimate post-show food experience. It’s a 24-hour diner, close to campus. The food is actually good and cheap. I take most bands there for either a 3 a.m. dinner or breakfast. They have cheddar tots…cheesey balls of fried potatoes. Mmmmmm.