Bands Worth Watching

Street Gnar

Case Mahan’s Street Gnar is strange, psychedelic, melancholy, uplifting all at the same time. He’s got an amazing album called Study Wall on his Bandcamp, to be reissued by the Memories guys soon…and I think Burger? He did a collab with Dirty Beaches. Great songwriter!

Three Legged Race

Robert Beatty’s Three Legged Race has mutated into some sort of minimal techno weirdness. Robert is also in Hair Police, has been collaborating with C Spencer Yeh and dozens of others over the years. His latest releases on Spectrum Spools and Acoustic Division have been on a totally new level, total space techno of the future. Or something.

Matt Duncan

If you like Billy Joel, Steely Dan, throwback ’70s soul pop, Matt is your man. His production is incredible; he does it all himself. Honestly he should be massively popular. Can’t recommend him enough. The best songwriter in Lexington.


Photo via CROSS’s site

CROSS stars Mikey T (Warmer Milks), Clint Colburn, Jamie Adkins and Paul Eldred. Mikey disbanded Warmer Milks and started CROSS a few years ago like the week before doing a month-long tour with Castanets. It’s developed into an incredible, dark and uplifting experience…insanely good guitar riffs and songwriting, dark as hell. The metalheads and the Guided By Voices-heads both will love it.

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