Post-Show Hangs


Efes Pool Hall, Dalston

This place never really intended to be a hang-out, and I’m not sure if anyone ever intended to hang out there either. I’ve never seen it close, so I have no idea when it really closes, but you always end up here—always, whether you want to or not. They don’t have particularly special drinks, don’t do any food, and the only music is chart pop from the big TV screens through the PA, which is constantly channel-surfed, so it’s Rihanna every song. Who knows what appeals about this place (except playing pool, which is awesome), but it is super fun.

Bardens Boudoir

Photo via Bardens

This used to be in the basement under where it stands now. The basement has now been renamed “The Nest,” and Bardens has been turned into a cafe/bar, which is open all day and well into the night. They have a massive array of drinks and do a nice steak sandwich as well as a whole menu of burgers, breakfasts and all that. It’s run by its owner, Umit, who is one of the friendliest guys ever. It gets mega busy at the weekend, but it’s a nice place to pop into on a weekday afternoon as well.

The Shacklewell Arms

The Shacklewell again. Play here. Stay here. It’s kind of everyone’s local pub.