In Scene Report, musicians from all over the globe fill us in on what’s going on sonically in their hometowns. This week the History Of Apple Pie‘s Jerome Watson gives the scoop on London, England. Watch for the band’s new album, Out Of View, coming out January 29 on Marshall Teller.

Bands Worth Watching


Novella are pretty much the best girl-group in London. They’re all very talented and write some really great songs. They’re also just kind of cool. We shared a split 12″ with these guys last year, along with Gross Magic and Echo Lake. Sophy also does really cool illustrations, which are worth checking out! I recorded their latest single, and it’s called “Mary’s Gun.”

Charlie Boyer And The Voyeurs

We’ve know Charlie since forever. This is his new group, and it’s getting some great feedback and attention. It kind of channels the aesthetics of krautrock and glam via the Velvet Underground, with pretty wild vocals over the top. It seems like he’s really been working hard on honing his songwriting skills, and it’s really paying off. It’s really cool that someone is actually make fun-time party songs, something to go and watch and *maybe* even dance to. Makes a nice change from the gloomy tendencies of London music. He’s just been signed by Heavenly, and I think he’s working on his full-length release at the moment.

Hatcham Social

Hatcham is kind of in the past, present and future all at once sound-wise, bringing their wide influences to their own music. Their first record, which was produced by Tim Burgess from the Charlatans, dealt with slightly darker stuff and existed in a world of metaphors and imagery, having a pretty post-punk sound. Their new follow-up, About Girls, is a lot more straight up, taking in rock ‘n’ roll and dance influences to create something a lot more accessible. That’s not to say the first record was totally alienating, with songs like “So So Happy Making” and “Crocodile” being perfect little slices of pop. I played in the live line-up for their first record, and they’re some of our best friends. Most of the band have also played with Tim on his solo shows or the stripped-down Charlatans acoustic gigs. Here’s the latest single from About Girls called “Lois Lane.” I’m sure they’ve got another record in the pipeline. They’re always working, and we always super look forward to the results!

Weird Dreams

Weird Dreams, with their chorused-out, almost jazzy guitar, placid vocal and dynamic drums, have a sound that’s very easy to listen to but a million miles from being boring. Intricate guitar work and strong songs combine to make something that’s winding and straight all at once. Their album was one of our favourite of the year, and we’ve played a few shows with them, and watching them is always a treat. They recently supported Stephen Malkmus on tour, which is a sweet spot that I think a lot of bands would kill for! Their drummer, Craig, is completely tattooed from head-to-toe, even having a bat across the front of his neck, which is pretty neat! Check them out!


These guys come across as a washed-out version of Echo And The Bunnymen, which is a great thing! Watching them live is super hypnotic, and I think they’ve got a record done and ready to go. From what I’ve heard of their album it might be one of the best things to come along in a long, long time. They have about 50 bazillion Memory Man pedals onstage, and their set ends with a big overpowering wash of analog delay feedback, and you just can’t argue with that

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