Venues Of Note


The Evelyn Hotel

Photo via Facebook

The Evelyn is like a home to us, I think all of us may have played more gigs at that venue than any other. We had a really long residency there which is where we really started getting our shit together as well as building our Melbourne fan base. They are just really supportive and open to new and interesting things happening under their roof. Also, on their roof, as they have started doing events on their awesome roof top now. Our good friends at Wondercore Island will be presenting a whole range of sonic treats over the Australian summer on the rooftop at the good old Ev. Love it.

Bar Open

Photo via Yelp

Bar Open, also in Fitzroy, is a reliably late-open, beautiful cesspit of delight. It’s a great place to play a gig, see a gig, or go after a gig. The bartenders are just that little bit of shitty towards you, which gives it a vibe of rock and roll legitimacy, and you can always squeeze one more person into the smoky-as-fuck beer garden.

Bennett’s Lane

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Great jazz club with two great rooms, great pianos. Plus they give you tiny teddies when you get a coffee, which is awesome.

The Hi-Fi

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Great place to see music. We’ve played there with Sex On Toast, Kirkis and Ngaiire; also some of us joined Miguel Atwood Ferguson for a show there. Have also seen amazing gigs from St. Vincent and a huge night with Flying Lotus, Damfunk, Gaslamp Killer, Harmonic 313. Great venue, great sound.

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