Post-Show Hangs


Photo via Footsies’ Facebook

Robert: Fun crowd. Generally solid DJs who play a cool mix of rock ‘n’ roll, soul, indie, glam, ’60s etc. Nice little outdoor patio for the smokers. And late-night Mexican food next door.

Harvard And Stone

Photo via Harvard And Stone’s site

Robert: Thursday is a good night. Or Wednesday if there’s a good residency band. There are some incredible bands who will play here just for fun when they could probably fill much bigger rooms. The sound is pretty awful, and the drinks are pricey, but I like the decor, and it’s a good place to meet up with friends. It was a spot I used to frequent more a coupe years ago but still good for a hang on the right night.

My Apartment

Robert: Good for a late night. Balcony and some good music. Sometimes I even cook pasta for the guests. I have to be in town though. Which isn’t that often these days.

Rachel: I’m not a drinker so you won’t find me at the bar after a show. The best post-show hang for me would be at the top of Ojai Valley looking up at the stars. The sky is so clear here you can really see how mankind once used it as a map. It’s amazing to remember what it was like living in L.A. and having the stars hidden behind the city lights. I like to remember just how tiny my material form is.