Venues Of Note

The Deer Lodge

Photo via the Deer Lodge’s site

Rachel: The Deer Lodge is amazing. It’s a real biker hangout, and on weekends it’s packed with biker gangs and BBQ smoke. They have great live music and occasionally festivals.

HM 157

Photo via HM157

Robert: It’s at an amazing house. Outdoors. Community vibe. Feels like a house party with a stage. Great live video imagery to go along with the band (if you’re lucky). Friendly and unique crowd.

Libbey Bowl

Photo by Fred Rothenberg

Rachel: The Ojai Libbey Bowl is just beautiful. It’s incredible that such a small town has such an impressive venue. Because of the venue’s size and lovely architecture, the town has been able to bring some fantastic acts up here.

Villains Tavern

Flickr photo by Savagecats

Robert: Fun decor. In the middle of nowhere (well it’s near our downtown, but it’s a sort of secluded industrial area of L.A.). Good live music. Fun sort of rockabilly rootsy blues vibe


Rachel: Ecotopia is an expanding conscious community. They occasionally put on small events and festivals and have very interesting performances and talks.


Photo via Bootleg Theater’s Facebook

Robert: Generally good sound and vibe. Also a big stage, which is pretty rare for L.A. clubs or actually most clubs in the U.S. for this size. They get consistently good bands coming through.

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