Bands To Watch


The Cloud Nothings are the biggest band in Cleveland right now. They pack whatever room they play in, and they kill it live. Attack On Memory took a lot of chances, and they paid off. Dylan has a great band, and they have their voice now. We should know how great their band is: TJ Duke used to play in Herzog. Even the hipsters who usually chug Hater-ade got nothing bad to say about the Nothings.

But back before Dylan Baldi was born, there was a great punk band called the Mice. The Mice made two essential records in the 1980s (For Almost Ever and Scooter) but then withdrew from the music industry right as they were about to break through with the ’90s alt-rock boom. Bill Fox, the lead singer, is reclusive, enigmatic and brilliant. He started playing solo shows about two years ago and put out his first record in 20 years a few months ago. I can’t say enough about One Thought Revealed. It’s quiet and hypnotic, and despite claiming to be just one thought, it’s very thoughtful. Remember what I said about success and failure not being options? Bill Fox is what that sounds like. We occasionally cover the Mice anthem “Not Proud Of The USA.”
Further down the food chain, there are tons of great bands who we’ve become friends with over the years. We share some members with Megachurch; they sound like Slayer covering My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts. Absolutely insane live. Shoreway are a great pop band with jangly, reverb-y guitars and strong pop hooks. They’re always talking about moving, so I don’t know how long they’ll fly our flag. Legendary bands have been rocking for years and still put on great shows. Go see the Founding Fathers, This Moment In Black History, New Lou Reeds or Cobra Verde for this fix. New bands get love too: Shitbox Jimmy, Scarlet Fever, Cross Brothers, We The People.

This is just my little corner of the scene, but I love old soul, and there’s been a resurgence of DJ culture around this music recently. If you’re in town and you see any of the following names, go see these DJs and shake a tail feather: Pops, Nig Champa, Mr. Fishtrucks, Racecard, Kristen Garageland, Hot Trash, Party Sweat and Alright.

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