Bands Worth Watching


GAG is a band who seems to be constantly on tour. They are road warriors. What is really interesting about this band is that many of the members have been playing music together since high school. They play a nihilistic style of hardcore that is engaging and terrifies people in a way that only bands like Negative Approach have been able to. Over the years we have played a number of shows with GAG and their many off-shoots, and they are a band that has consistently improved as they have continued, you never get the feeling of stagnation or feeling like they are phoning it in, and that is when music is at its best.

Broken Water

Broken Water have been one of the most prolific modern Olympia bands. They continue to release engaging albums, and perform at a level of excellence that is pretty amazing to behold. The feeling I get from talking about bands like Broken Water, and the same goes for pretty much every band on this list, is that playing music isn’t simply a thing to pass the time; it isn’t a simple fashion, or span of life—it is life. Although Broken Water play a blend of Sonic Youth styled art-rock and shoegaze, they are one of the most punk and hardcore bands to witness. It is an impressive task to crush eardrums and push such emotion out at the same time. Having played with them a number of times I can say that they always bring something to the table that a lot of bands cannot, and Jon Hanna is one of my favorite guitar players easily.


Hysterics are a band that I can honestly say when I first saw them I was not that into their set. I thought they were all nice people and jumped at supporting them based only on that. But as time went on they became one of the most ferocious and demanding bands I have seen come out of Olympia. It is a huge compliment to say that a band matured in a way that isn’t cliché or pretentious, and I believe Hysterics have accomplished such a feat. It has been really amazing to see as a fan of music in general. They have a number of releases in the pipeline right now, and I can’t wait until they hit the streets. They are simply one of the best hardcore bands going, and I certainly wouldn’t envy any band having to play after them.

Morgan And The Organ Donors

Morgan And The Organ Donors are my favorite band in Olympia. I guess I should say, in full disclosure, that I have filled in on bass for them a couple of times, but that should only go to show how much I dig this band! They only have one EP out, and a bunch of other tunes recorded, and haven’t left the west coast. But they are a band that people really should pay attention to. Ramshackled, rumbling and possessing the best elements that garage rock has to offer, MODS are so unbelievably good, and I am sure as I type this they would think I am bullshitting. But they are great.

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