Bands Worth Watching

Palace Of Buddies

Palace Of Buddies incorporates electronic and organic elements. Although they are only a two-piece, they hold down a lot of sounds on stage! The drummer often plays with his right hand while playing keyboard with his left! The guitar player uses a bass foot pedal keyboard. They have toured a bunch, and their studio recordings are amazing! Tim Myers and Nick Foster are two of the most talented musicians in the city.

Devil Whale

The Devil Whale sounds kind of like Dr. Dog or the Kinks. Great songs. They just did a sold-out tour opening for the Head And The Heart. Definitely one of the best bands to come out of Salt Lake in the past few years. One thing I can say about the Devil Whale that goes for a lot of musicians in SLC is the good attitude behind the band. Everyone in the Devil Whale could and should be your best friend.

Eagle Twin

Eagle Twin is a doom metal band that helps account for the vast musical history of SLC metal. Gentry Densley of Eagle Twin was also the frontman of Iceburn and Smashy Smashy, and played in Form Of Rocket. One thing that interests me about our metal scene is how well it seems to do overseas. Eagle Twin did a tour with Sunn O))) in Europe recently. Metal has been a huge part of the music scene in Salt Lake City since the late ’80s. Remember that movie SLC Punk? The hardcore scene was more important locally and has more relevance with national and international music listeners.

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