Venues Of Note


The Glasshouse

Photo via The Glass House Facebook page

There are alot of really cool shows at the Glasshouse, which is in Pomona. But also Viva Pomona is really cool. Rene Contreras sets up the Viva Pomona festival at the Glasshouse and they always have really fun bands play.

The Catalyst

The Catalyst is in Santa Cruz, but it’s actually really cool because their shows are insanely diverse. I’ve been to a lot of random shows at the Catalyst just for the fun of it, like Shwayze. I think Yelawolf played as well as Tegan And Sara.

Bootleg Bar

Photo via Bootleg Bar Facebook page

Bootleg Bar has a pretty cool vibe, even though it sucks for minors because under aged people can’t get in. But I just remembered that the sound tech guy was controlling everything through an iPad which was pretty rad.

Post-Show Hangs

I couldn’t really think of anything for this one. I just go to Del Taco or Taco Bell.