Bands Worth Watching



I just recently got into them after a Fidlar show in Santa Cruz at the Catalyst, but I really dig their song structures, particularly for tracks like “Living Night Of The Dummy’s” and “Sick Shit.” I listened to them on a website called Rollo And Grady. Those are probably hands down my favorite songs at the moment for sure. I think that they’re based out of LA.


Well, I saw Fidlar play at the Catalyst with Pangea during my midterm week so it was honestly the best stress reliever because their music is really fun and energetic. They are also out of LA area I believe. I personally like their songs, “Got No Money” and “Cheap Beer”. Just really fun songs to twerk to.

Tijuana Panthers

I saw them open for the Soft Pack awhile ago at the Glasshouse, and they were really fun to watch and enjoy. And we’re touring with them in July now so it should be fun!

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