Venues Of Note


Photo via Mono’s site

Mono was one of the first venues I went to after moving to Glasgow. Everyone I know has worked there at some point. It’s where Ruari and I first met and started the band. It’s a great place, really open and relaxed. Everyone has a connection to this place in some way.

The Old Hairdressers

Photo via the Old Hairdressers’ Facebook

This place is great. It’s a great bar, and the venue upstairs is really small and intimate. It’s the perfect compromise between playing a proper venue and a house party. I saw a great Apostille show there recently. The perfect place to put on a DIY show.

The Glue Factory

Photo via Glue Factory’s site

An abandoned warehouse in the middle of a pretty rundown area of Glasgow. In recent years, it’s been transformed into working studios for artists and hosts some great shows. Independent promoter Cry Parrot hosted their fifth birthday there, and it was an incredible night. We also recorded our album there in February with our friend Jamie and held the launch for our first single with our friends Palms and Former Bullies.

CCA Glasgow

Photo via CCA’s site

This place is an art centre and cafe. The venue was built primarily for theatre and has an incredible sound. We played our first show there for our friends who ran a night and label called Nuts And Seeds. Chain And The Gang played a couple of months ago, and it was a great show. Really looking forward to seeing Veronica Falls play in a couple of weeks.

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