Bands Worth Watching


Divorce carry on a strong tradition of experimental punk bands from Glasgow, bands that have often been overlooked in favour of the city’s more well-known indie-pop lineage. Divorce are probably a much more accurate reflection of the DIY scene of recent years. They’re a great band, cool people and super tight/loud live. We also share a label with them, strange as it may seem. Their album came out last year on Night School, and I believe they have a second on the way later this year.

Aggi Doom

Great newish band making some pretty weird pop music that touches on what seems to me like a whole manner of U.K. post-punk influences. Kind of dark but really fun at the same time. Great basslines too. They have a 7″ on Soft Power Records, but I think it might be sold out. Sorry.


Photo via Palms’ Facebook

Palms make great garage punk that sometimes sounds really punk and sometimes really pop. Totally back to basics, totally catchy and totally fun. We once did a tour together in a van that ran on recycled vegetable oil and was covered in a hand-painted mural of a woodland scene. It was like being in the Grateful Dead for five days.

Flo And Spicey

This is a really new project by our friends Colin and Diana. They haven’t played live but have self-released a cassette, which I think is sold out. Colin used to DJ in a bar I worked in. He has such great taste and turned me on to so much weird stuff around that time. He’s played in various bands in Glasgow over the last few years, but this is kind of like his solo thing. He’s an amazingly talented guy, and I’m pretty sure this is the first time Diana has ever sang. I really love it.

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